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Werewolves Speech- Opening and Closing

Werewolves Speech- Opening and Closing - Sociology of...

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Sociology of Deviance Deviant Behavior Speech 1/24/08 Werewolves ( Opening ) While most of us regard the existence of werewolves as a myth or work of fiction, there are many who believe that werewolves do exist, or that they themselves are one. The term for the process is lycanthropy, the transformation of a human being into a wolf. According to believers, there are two types: the first type is exhibited as a mental illness in which the patient imagines himself as being a wolf and behaves accordingly, possibly even including a craving for blood. This is sometimes referred to as clinical lycanthropy to distinguish it from its use in legends. The second type is the magical transformation of a person into a werewolf which is usually accomplished through the use of ointments or charms. This occurs internationally and always follows the same course. An apparently normal human changes at sunset into a wild animal. During the night the were-person indulges a taste for human flesh or for the raw flesh and blood of other animals. Were-persons are
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