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History Notes 4.2

History Notes 4.2 - World War I Psych cause Kaiser withered...

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4/2/08 World War I Psych cause- Kaiser withered arm [Kaiser/Caesar/Czar = same thing] Immediate Cause: Confusion in Bosnia (F. goes there) police outnumbered teachers 9 to 1 Sarajero Franz Ferdinand - heir to throne of Austria-Hungry - group of assassins going to kill him - wife dead, F. goes to hospital and dies (wouldn’t take off uniform) - wouldn’t go home - assassins brought to trial; 6 considered too young, juveniles - car he was killed in Gavrilo Princip Triple Entente ? Triple Alliance France <Italy Germany Russia Austria-Hungary England Norman Angell Ideas – wrote The Great Illusion - thought no one would go to war if there was a balance of power - stalemate 1,500 ft. changes hands Group Responsibility for War : (major portion of final!!!)** - Serbia- knew it was coming; after happened, did little to pursue people who did it; also, given ultimatum by Austria - Austria - Germany- write ‘blank check’ siding with Austria - Russia- supported Serbia, mobilized army - France- hates Germany - England- could have prevented war by telling Germany they’d side w/ France or tell France they’re staying neutral **Article 231 – War Guilt Cause - starts WWII - blames Germany, wants to make them pay - Germany: Schlieffen Plan (Norman Schwartzkopf) - 1870 drawn up- used 44 yrs. later
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