History Notes 3.26

History Notes 3.26 - Chapters 24-26 Coney Island Calcutta...

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Chapters 24-26 Coney Island Calcutta – Water/Sewage/Stress/Violence - Water and sewage pipes next to one another, mix together - Difficult to feed people – “street sleepers”, wander through garbage dumps - All male society creates tension - Gherao – i.e. if bus driver jostles people, they could be taken out in hot sun and form circle around someone continuously Germ Theory – Louise Pasteur – illnesses are caused by germs Monumental Class Differences - Rich get richer; Fisk (had private operas) Gould (built 26 identical houses in multiple locations for his convenience, only set foot in 6) Vanderbilt (mansion was their summer cottage, had parties with sandbox ridden with rubys, diamonds, pearls for party favors) Upper Class Life - Summer home (Deal, Spring Lake, etc. etc.) - Grand tour of Europe – - American women looked to get into British aristocracy Temperance Movement – trying to control use of liquor (1890-ish) - Carry A. Nation – would go into saloon and smash bottles, destroy everything Domestic Service – maid, cook, chambermaid - 14% were in domestic service (1 out of 7) Reading Instruction – everyone had desire to learn how to read because men wanted to read the racing forms in order to gamble Adolescence – different treatment of children now - Father encouraged to assist in child’s upbringing - Allows for extra years without responsibiliites of adult “Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage” (song) – men got married later in life when they were financially able and looked for younger trophy wives Family Ties Stronger - Family was place for security, friendship Women barred from better paying jobs - Legal inferiority – law ensures they cannot inherit property or money, goes to husband
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- Control at home - “Home, sweet home” (very popular song) Children: Fathers taking bigger role- talking to kids, reading - Economic birthrate- dropping b/c numerous kids are no longer needed Freud/Psychoanalysis/Thomas Woodrow Wilson - Blames everything on childhood and/or sex
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History Notes 3.26 - Chapters 24-26 Coney Island Calcutta...

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