3 designs - Group #22 - Scorpio Professor Juhasz / TA Grace...

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Group #22 - Scorpio Professor Juhasz / TA Grace Mao Into to Biomedical Engineering 19 November 2007 Three Possible Improvements for Hemodialysis 1. Spinning dialyzer Design Requirements for Rotating Dialyzer The purpose of the spinning dialyzer or rotating dialyzer is to filter the waste products and other solutes from the blood stream more effectively. The specifications for this dialyzer has to be 20-30 cm in length while 10-20 cm in width. The dialyzer has to be a cylindrical shape with a blood inlet at the top and a blood outlet at the bottom. There has to be a dialysate inlet and outlet to allow solute flow through the blood that flows through the membrane at 20L a minute. Fresh dialysate should be simultaneously flowing into the dialyzer at 300-500 ml/min. A motor must be embedded in the dialyzer to circulate the blood with an RPM of approximately 100 RPM. The semi-permeable membrane should have a wall thickness of about 8-40 micrometers and a length of 20-30 cms with a total surface area of at least .6-2 meters. With all of these specifications the dialyzer should and must accomdate blood flow rates of 50-400ml/min. The connection of the blood inlet and outlet needs to have a rotating ball bearing that allows only the dialyzer to rotate.
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3 designs - Group #22 - Scorpio Professor Juhasz / TA Grace...

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