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Contemporary America

Contemporary America - Contemporary America I After World...

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Contemporary America I. After World War II A) 1954 i. Dien Bien Phu- French lose in Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh ii. US Brown vs. Board of Edu. iii. Nixon-Khrushchev “kitchen debate” B) Robert Oppenheimer i. 1954 atomic bomb developer in “Manhattan Project” ii. July 16, 1954- @ Trinity detonated 1 st atomic bomb C) Coli Tiblets i. Enola Gay (plane)- August 6, 1945 a) drops bomb on Hiroshima b) 3 days later on Nagasaki c) Radiation slow deaths, mutations, cancer II. Cold War (1945- 1989) A) US vs. Russia i. Atomic Bomb a) During war US & Russia were “allies” 1) Competitive ideology & geopolitics 2) Truman distrusts Soviets more than FDR b) Atomic bomb- US adv 1) 1 week before, Russia declares war on Japan & takes territories (N. Korea) 2) Truman wants to end war & prevent Soviet expansion 3) US nuclear monopoly lasts until 1949 4) Russia advantage- more troops, toleration regime can last longer in unpopular war ii. Containment Policy 1947 a) Kennan develops, Lipman coined “Cold War” b) No open force to stop spread of communism c) Don’t ry to stop commies where already exists d) Treat non-commies as “friends” even if non-democracies iii. Truman Doctrine (containment policy) a) use military, food, supplies, etc. b) Korea (S. invaded by N.) c) Outside pressure on Russians d) Armed minorities- insurgency, people w/in country 1) Vietnam- NVA (outside pressure) & Vietcong (armed minorities) 2) Mossadegh (Iran)- oil overthrow by CIA b/c commie (tried to nationalize oil) 3) Jacob Arbondo (Guatemala)- buy United fruit land & distribute to people CIA engineered his overthrow in 1954 B) 1954 French lose @ Dien Bien Phu
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Contemporary America a) WWI= Ho Chi Minh tired of French running country & tried to meet w/ Pres. Wilson after Wilson’s self determination speech but turned down 1) goes to Russian Lenin becomes commie 2) struggle w/ French in 1920s 3) Japanese take over in 1945 4) Declares Vietnam independent a. Truman doesn’t like commie so give Vietnam to France b. France defeated at Dien Bien Phu 1. US not help w/ troops but covers 80% of cost roots of Vietnam 2. Eisenhower doesn’t drop bomb C) 1959 Nixon-Khrushchev “kitchen debate” a) Cold War was culture/domestic as much as geopolitical/bombs b) Soviets had international convention 1) US has rising standard of living/consumerism 2) Nixon- “everyone has a washing machine, tv, refrigerator, etc.” 3) Soviets don’t have & don’t satisfy people w/ materialistic things Soviet people want popular culture and affluence (80s) D) Battle of Military Tech i. Nazi Germans had rockets before 1945 ii. 1957- Russians get Sputnik a) in 1958 Russia puts a dog up in space b) US catches up leads to mutually assured destruction III. 1950s Consumerism/Conservative Era A) Explosion of Suburbia i. automobiles cause (Ford assembly line, affordable model T) ii. baby boom (1945-64) mass exodus from cities iii. Eisenhower’s interstate highway system (movement of troops, supplies, evacuate) iv. Nuclear family B) 1950s- “Golden Age”, commercial age i. culture- nuclear family, suburbia, conservatism a) people spend money on self not save 1) WWI, WWII- ration food, gas, tires, etc.
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