Contemporary America post Midterm

Contemporary America post Midterm - Contemporary America...

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Contemporary America After Midterm I. Early 1990s Culture A) Clarence Thomas i. Senate Confirmation a) LBJ’s Thurgood Marshall retires BHWB appoints Thomas (black, very conservative) b) Women groups concerned b/c he won’t say his position on abortion (won’t answer litmus questions) ii. Sexual Harassment a) Anita Hill testifies of sexual harassment (he said/she said) b) Thomas calls “high tech lynching” b/c of media portrayal c) B) Race in the Early 1990s i. 1991 Rodney King Beatings a) b) Black vs. white issue (civilian G. Halliway videotaped and gave to local news station show police brutality) c) 1992- 4 police officers found innocent (no blacks on jury) d) Later won in civil court ii. 1992 LA Riots (2 nd worse riot, 1 st - NYC draft gangs of NY) a) Reaction to King verdict 50+ die b) March 1991- Korean women suspected of shop lifting & 1) verdict- manslaughter and fine 2) fires over city, loot Korean markets, 50+ dead 3) national guard sent to stop riots (4 days) b/c LPD gave up (so in state of anarchy) 4) R Pat Buchanan viewed as symbolic “culture war” II. Soviet Union A) January 1991 the Soviet Union dissolved B) Theories i. Francis Fukuyama a) End of History - liberal free market economy won (beat fascism and communism) 1) many societies now embrace free markets (India, Latin America) b) History is now over if we define it as the struggle for best form of society c) Thesis Antithesis Synthesis ii. Sam Huntington a) The Clash of Civilizations - now that battle over ideology is over, it’s a battle over civilization b) Eastern vs. Western, basic key is religion
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Contemporary America After Midterm c) Judeo-Christain world (Israel, US, B) vs. Islamic world (N. Africa, SW/SE Asia) vs. Confucian (China, Japan, Vietnam) 9/11 demonstrates iii. Amartya Sen a) Identity and Violence- taking on multi culture perspective of dialogue b/t civilization b/c of identities b) Sen is a free thinker, but can’t classify as Hindu, so not so easy to base identity on rel. c) Pushing the idea of identity can create greater conditions for violence d) Race, gender, class, religion too many aspects get in the way of defining identities on one thin III. GHWB vs. Ross Perot vs. Clinton 1992 Presidential Election A) Ross Perot i. Reform Party (3 rd party) ii. Perot divided the right, b/c people voted for him when they didn’t like GHWB iii. Issue- deficit b/c was a billionaire Texas businessman iv. Good: funded own campaign, wealthy (can’t be bought), kept company in black so could get America back into the black, genuine Texan, plain spoken v. Bad: unstable (w/drew from campaign, Bush people tried to ruin daughters wedding, but then got back in), aging, nearly
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Contemporary America post Midterm - Contemporary America...

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