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Unformatted text preview: the text according to the course plan Other References Hopp, W.J., Spearman, M.L., (2001). Factory Physics 2nd Edition, Irwin McGraw­Hill Inc. Mainly used in the first portion of the course Library has a copy Lectures should be sufficient coverage Grading – Allocation Mid-term Exam 25% Homeworks 10% Team Project 15% Final Exam 40% Class Participation and quizzes 10% Class participation based on: 1. Participation in class – answering questions 2. In­class exercises 3. Random attendance taken Classroom Rules Turn off cell phones and other communication devices No completing homework or other assignments Use common sense and be considerate of others Notify instructor when absent from class as soon as possible Before or after the fact Justifiable reason Exams & Homework Homework Around 6­7 homework assignments will be given. Group study is encouraged but splitting up assignments is not. A random selection of problems will be graded. Exams Closed book and closed notes exams Based on homework, lecture material, text reading. P...
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