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11808 - U tility(Usefulness how relevant is it to our lives...

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January 18, 2008 Background of Communication Field Intrapersonal Communication - Self-Talk and Self-Esteem Interpesronal Communication - Face-to-Face Small Group - Focus on processes of large and small groups Organizational - Communication in Organizations Public Speaking - Rhetoric, Communication Apprehension, Public Speaking Mass Communication - Print and Broadcast Journalism, Computer-Mediated Communication Intercultural - Communication between cultures and co-cultures Public Relations - Communication between publics The "PUSHF" Factor P arsimony - how clear is it? Is it in its simplest words?
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Unformatted text preview: U tility (Usefulness) - how relevant is it to our lives? S cope - how big or little (flashlight vs. spotlight theory) - size and extent H eurism - motivating, exciting, the "ooh" factor F alsifiability - can it be tested to be inaccurate? What is a theory? A theory is a description of concepts and specifications of the relationships between those concepts. Most theories include a description of a social phenomenon (date) and an explanation of the relationships. What do theories do? Explain Predict Organize Solve Practical Problems...
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  • Spring '08
  • Background of Communication Field Intrapersonal Communication, Communication Field Intrapersonal, Computer-Mediated Communication Intercultural, Self-Esteem Interpesronal Communication

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