Humanistic Inquiry in Communication

Humanistic Inquiry in Communication - How does one conduct...

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February 8, 2008 Humanistic Inquiry in Communication (comes from Humanism) What makes humans different from each other? Seeks to uncover differences between people Inductive Theorizing Let's the theory emerge from the information/data gathered Qualitative Research data includes: Quotes Texts People's Words Discourse (Key: Helps us understand the meaning that people have for communication and/or events) Validity - is my account of the communication event accurate? Reliability - am I interpreting the communication consistently?
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Unformatted text preview: How does one conduct Humanistic Research? In-depth Interviews Focus Groups Conversation and Discourse Analysis Textual Analysis (a text is any communication event that can be analyzed) Ethnography - how people ace in a natural surrounding (participant observation) Auto-ethnography - Nothing is close-ended Humanistic Theory Purposes To explain the structure, process of a single situation, culture, text, organization, viewpoint To provide a framework to understand a structure or process of a single...
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