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Critical Theory - Knowledge Determinism We are...

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January 25, 2008 Critical Theory Scientific/Objective Humanistic/Subjective Realist Ontology Nominalist Determinism Epistemology Free Will Positivism Axiology Subjectivism Value Free Social Constructionist Values Included Purpose of Research Methodology Post-Positivist Ontology - Ideas about the nature of reality (what is the nature of our social world?) Realist - Our social world is real; reality exists externally to us (there are hard, tangible and relatively immutable structures) Nominalist - Reality exists differently inside each of us. No real world exists, just names/ ideas we create (something is true because we say it's true) Epistemology -
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Unformatted text preview: Knowledge Determinism - We are stimulus-response beings. There are laws of human nature. Free Will - Voluntaristic Axiology - Role of researcher values Positivism - We can be positive about our knowledge (empirical: experimentally; systematically: again & again) Subjectivism - We can't be positive about knowledge because we use words Social Constructionist - Intersubjective/Free will with limits/Constrained Scientific/Objective can. .. 1. Predict 2. Find causal relationships 3. Generalize 4. Explain Humanistic/Subjective can. .. 1. Provide a deep understanding 2. Explain 3. Provide categories...
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