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Quantitative Inquiry

Quantitative Inquiry - The concept we're manipulating(cause...

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February 4, 2008 Quantitative Inquiry Uses a deductive approach Begins with a theory, tests the hypothesis (MEASUREMENT is KEY) Variable - a concept or unit that can change; measurable Conceptional - How I define something (dictionary definition) Operational - How I will measure something (for our study, what does this mean?) Experiments show that two or more events are causally related Experimental research is all about CONTROL and MANIPULATION Dependent Variable - The concept we're measuring (effect) Independent Variable -
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Unformatted text preview: The concept we're manipulating (cause) Validity - the methods of measurement are sound Reliability - the results are reliable; replication of the study will yield similar findings Statistical Significance - 0.05 (5%) Confounding Variable - not controlled for, or uncontrollable, in a study Correlational Relationships - Up Up, Down Up, Down Down Temporal Relationship - one thing precedes another in time Causal Relationship - one thing causes another to change...
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