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April 2, 2008 Media Theories (cont.) Uses and Gratification Theory - Media + our use of gratification from = effect Four Basic Assumptions - 1. People are active and choose what they want to watch and why 2. The media compete with other sources for need gratifications (various sources compete to gratify your needs) 3. People are cognizant (aware) of their media use, interests and motives 4. Value judgments of the media can only be assessed by the audience (each individual person) The theory can explain. .. • Media and our use of it as a tool to meet our needs • How we use the media to satisfy our needs • Our motives and patterns of media choice • The media's functions for us Social Learning Theory - how we learn to behave; what behavior is good, what behavior is bad • We observe behavior and learn from it - Imitation - If I see a behavior, I will imitate it. - Observational Learning/Vicarious Reinforcement - Identification - taken on similar character traits, persona with someone in the
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