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Lecture Notes 11_10_08 (PDF)

Lecture Notes 11_10_08 (PDF) - Lecture Notes Terrorism...

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Lecture Notes 11/10/08: Terrorism Reactionary Rage Movements - Terrorism - “One man willing to throw his life away is enough to terrorize thousands.” -Wu Ch’I - “We cannot reject terror, as it is one form of military action which may be perfectly suitable or even essential at a definite juncture in battle.” -Lenin - Defining Terrorism - Hard to give a precise definition because people tend to see terrorism as what the enemy is doing, which is incorrect - 1st used by Edmund Burke to describe the first French reign of terror after the French Revolution - Academic Consensus/UN Consensus: On bspace - Terrorism is a specific method, how you direct your violence; strategy - Symbolic effect - Designed to create a state of fear - The point is not who you kill, but the effect it has - Not a government action - Calculated military strategy - Change the behavior of a population of govt. by showing your power and instilling fear - Public demonstration - Propaganda by deed - Aimed more at the audience than the victim
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