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Unformatted text preview: As a pilot, which do you consider the most critical? AER­210 AER­210 ► 1. Pitch Stability ­ ­ what factors affect it? Location of Cg and AC (Aerodynamic Center) ► ► 1. Wing Type ► 1. 2. What is AC? How does it contribute to (or detract from) stability? Swept vs. straight, high mount versus low Length of moment between CG and Elevator Thrust axis ► ► Engine mount above / below Cg Angle of engine mount to compensate for location AER­210 AER­210 Effects of each component on stability (pitch, roll or directional) ► Fuselage (directional) ► Vertical fin (directional) ► Wings (pitch & roll) ► Rudder (directional) ► Engine(s) (pitch & directional) ► Horizontal Stabilizer (pitch) ► Canard (pitch & [in some cases] roll) AER­210 AER­210 ► Next class: Anhedral & dihedral Strakes, dorsal and ventral fins Canards Compensating for variable sweep and AC Dutch Roll Minimum controllable airspeed...
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