Newspapers (Cont.)

Newspapers (Cont.) - January 31, 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: January 31, 2008 Newspapers...Continued Story Formats Five W's (who, what, where, when, why) Inverted Pyramid - K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) Word Story (TV) - Voice-Over Tape (VOT) - anchor narrating with b-roll showing Stand Up (TV) - cutting to the reporter Stand-Up Package (TV) - reporter interviewing someone *All have possibility of introducing Alternative Journalistic Styles Sensational/Tabloid Objective/Impartial - Fact vs. Fiction - Emotionally Detached View - Balance - Fairness Advocacy Journalism Precision Journalism - Surveys/Scientific Civic/Public - Journalism for the people vs. for the Elite Consequences of the Profit Motive Maximizing Profits - Paring down news teams - Less investigative reporting - Infotainment - Important Criteria for Gate-keeping What is the Nature and Function of News? Marketing Approach - Investigative reporting - Investigation by someone else - Subject is of reasonable importance - Someone's attempting to hide something Kinds of Newspapers Dailies - 5x/week - National (readership is growing) - Wall Street Journal - USA Today - New York Times - Metropolitan and Suburban - declining readership (center of population issues) - Chicago Tribune - Houston Chronicle - Sun Times (Tabloids (16x12)) - Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) Weeklies - 1x/week - Was small town - Cost? - Shoppers Niche - Four Coverage Topics - Geographic - cities, suburbs, rural - Ethnic/Racial/Occupational/Interest Underground Press - question mainstream policies/conventional values - Village Voice - City Pages - The Indy ...
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Newspapers (Cont.) - January 31, 2008...

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