commission on fiscal imbalance 合集

11 delegation of managerial responsibilities to

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Unformatted text preview: Domenicantonio Fausto e Federico Pica (eds), Teoria e fatti del federalismo fiscale, Il Mulino Editor, 2000 Domenicantonio Fausto, Il federalismo fiscale: un falso rimedio nel caso italiano, Economia delle scelte pubbliche, n. 23, 1996 Amedeo Fossati, l’Italia e il federalismo, Economia Pubblica n.1, 2001, Franco Angeli Editor Piero Giarda, Il federalismo fiscale in attuazione della legge n.133/1999: aspetti tecnici, ragioni e problemi aperti, Economia Pubblica n.5, 2000, Franco Angeli Editor Istituto di studi sulle Regioni – CNR, La finanza regionale N.22, osservatorio finanziario regionale, Franco Angeli Editor, 2000 Ministero del Tesoro – Dipartimento per le politiche di sviluppo e di coesione – DPS "Programma di Sviluppo del Mezzogiorno 2000-2006 "(cfr. ), September 1999. OECD - Territorial Development Service, "Territorial Review on Italy" Territorial Development Policy Committee, 2001, forthcoming SVIMEZ, Quaderni di Informazioni Svimez n.7 , Primo rapporto sugli effetti del federalismo sul sistema delle autonomie locali, February 2001 262 Commission on Fiscal Imbalance ANNEX A CRITERIA AND INDICATORS FOR THE ALLOCATION OF THE 4% RESERVE CRITERIA AND INDICATORS A1. EFFECTIVENESS A.1.1.Basket of outputs A.2 MANAGEMENT A.2.1 Quality of the Monitoring System A.2.2. Quality of Financial Control A.2.3 Quality of Project Selection Systems DESCRIPTION Comparison of actual and planned outputs for some measures (covering at least half of the value of the programme) Introduction of a system of indicators and of monitoring procedures responding to national agreed standards and guaranteeing the availability of financial, physical and procedural data from January 2001 Upgrading of the control system to the model proposed in the CSF Application of selection procedures based on feasibility studies and on criteria favouring environmental sustainability and equal opportunities (for a significant amount of projects measured in terms of % of total financial commitments) A.2.4 Quality of the Evaluation System Appointment of the independent evaluator by October 2001 and definition of terms of reference responding to national standards A.2.5 Quality of the labour market analysis system Set up within the managing authority of a system of analysis of the most significant aspects of labour market and of employment effects of interventions; diffusion of results A.3 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A.3.1 Financial absorption A.3.2 Public-private partnership Attainment of 100% of declared expenditure in relation to planned expenditure in the financial plan for 2000 and 2001 Implementation of at least 4 public-private partnership schemes for the financing of projects 263 Commission on Fiscal Imbalance ANNEX B CRITERIA AND INDICATORS FOR THE ALLOCATION OF THE 6% RESERVE CRITERIA INDICATOR B1. INSTITUTIONAL ENHANCEMENT Implementation of the national legislation fostering the process of public administration reform and procedural slimming Design and implementation of org...
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