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In his publications and his work he examines various

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Unformatted text preview: ealing with fiscal policy in federal countries, including Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and Germany. In addition, she served as an elected member in the cantonal parliament of Saint-Gall from 1992 to 1996. AUSTRALIA Mr. David J. Collins is an associate professor of economics at Macquarie University in Sydney. For several years, he was director of research for the Australian Tax Research Foundation. He chaired the working group that prepared, in 1988 and at the request of the Premier of New South Wales, a detailed report on the taxation system, several of whose recommendations have been applied. He also published a research study describing the recent reform of intergovernmental fiscal arrangements. WORLD BANK INSTITUTE Mr. Robert D. Ebel is Principal Economist at World Bank, in Washington, D.C. There, he directs training programs in intergovernmental fiscal relations and local financial management offered to developing countries by the World Bank Institute. A spet in the finances of States and municipalities in the United States, he was director of the United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and director of research for fiscal task forces of several American States. At the World Bank, he coordinated a major multinational initiative on fiscal decentralisation in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Mr. Ebel is also the author of two books entitled Decentralization of the Sot State 287 Commission on Fiscal Imbalance (with Richard Bird and Christine Wallich) and The Encyclopædia of Taxation and Tax Policy (with Joseph Cordes and Jane G. Gravelle) BELGIUM Mr. Marcel Gérard is a professor at the Facultés universitaires catholiques de Mons in Belgium, where he is the person in charge of the Economics and Sociology Department and chairman of the Research Council. He is also a professor at the École supérieure d...
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