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It allows in its interpretation the transfer of taxes

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Unformatted text preview: ities of the VAT transfer (act of May 23, 2000) Solidarity among French-speakers: financial assistance from the Walloon region and Cocof for the French-speaking community (IIbis decree of December 16, 1999) Created the foundation of the Lambermont or Saint-Polycarpe agreement Lombard April 2001 Saint Boniface June 2001 January 2001 Refinancing of the communities, extension of the regions’ jurisdiction over taxation, transfer of fields of jurisdiction to the communities and regions (two special acts of July 13, 2001) Functioning of Brussels institutions, in particular, financial assistance for the community commissions and communes (special act of July 13, 2001 concerning refinancing) Solidarity among French-speakers: bolstering of financial assistance from the Walloon region and Cocof for the benefit of the French-speaking community and determination of the future use of funds obtained by the French-speaking community in the wake of the Lambermont agreement 221 Commission on Fiscal Imbalance APPENDIX 2 CONVERSION IN EURO FOR TABLES CONTAINING PROJECTIONS FOR THE FUTURE BUDGETARY EFFECT OF THE LAMBERMONT AGREEMENT ON THE VAT TRANSFERS OF THE FRENCH-SPEAKING AND FLEMISH COMMUNITIES (in EUR) 2002 French-speaking community Prior to VAT Lambermont transfer After VAT Lambermont transfer Difference VAT transfer 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 4.173,3 4.269,1 4.373,3 4.480,0 4.589,3 4.701,3 4.816,0 4.933,5 5.053,9 4.249,6 4.411,1 4.575,1 4.827,9 4.987,7 5.205,6 5.429,6 5.659,3 5.883,1 76,3 142,0 201,8 347,9 398,4 504,3 613,6 725,8 829,2 Flemish community Prior to VAT 5.551,6 Lambermont transfer After VAT 5.665,9 Lambermont transfer Difference VAT 114,3 transfer Source: Davidson (unpublished article). 5.664,6 5.787,9 5.913,9 6.042,6 6.174,0 6.308,3 6.445,5 6.585,7 5.879,7 6.099,8 6.463,0 6.685,2 7.006,5 7.345,7 7.703,9 8.093,9 215,1 311,9 549,1 642,6 832,5 1.062,1 1.258,3 1.508,2 ESTIMATE OF THE LOSS OF EARNINGS FOR A REGION FOLLOWING A TAX REFUND (in EUR) Estimated loss of earning for a tax refund Year Walloon region Brussels region Flemish region Source: FUNDP projections. 222 2002 85,7 26,6 187,2 2003 89,6 27,6 196,6 2004 93,9 28,6 207,1 2005 98,4 29,7 218,2 2006 103,2 30,9 229,8 Commission on Fiscal Imbalance THE FUNDING OF AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES IN SPAIN By Pere Galí The Spanish Constitution has intentionally avoided establishing a clear, precise model for distributing the resources that citizens contribute to the State among various public administrations, the central government, the governments of each autonomous community and local governments. Title 8 of the Constitution is open, indeterminate and vast. It allows, in its interpretation, the transfer of taxes from the State, not to mention transfer of their collection and including transfer from the tax agency. Catalonia’s autonomous status reflects this situation and broadens it by making it more concrete and leaving the model open for subsequent concretion. These two basic forms favour periodic...
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