The Golden Age of Radio

The Golden Age of Radio - - Radio - NPR 200 NPR stations...

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February 19, 2008 The Golden Age of Radio (Entering the '40s) The Great Depression (1929) • Damaged phonograph industry • Need for free entertainment • New genres became fixtures - Comedy - Audience Participation - Soap Opera's - Children's Shows - Drama • News now read on-air • Chain Broadcasting Rule, 1941 - Programming/Affiliate - NBC forced to sell off • NBC Blue sold to Edward Noble. ..Blue becomes ABC • World War Two boosts radio - Becomes unchallenged news medium - Nation rallies around Roosevelt's talks • 1933-1935ish - Edward Armstrong develops FM Radio (then kills self) - Wider signal - First station - WZXMN in 1939 • Communications Act of 1934 - Setup the FCC (no longer the FRC) • 1945 - 88.1 through 91.9 FM for non-commercial radio TV Makes Radio Change • 1949 - Todd Storz, KOHW (Omaha, Nebraska) - "Playlist" - up-tempo pacing, catchy gimmicks • Gordon McClendon, KLIF (Dallas, Texas) - Top 40 Format Public Broadcasting • 1967 - Public Broadcasting Act - CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) - Different: CPB, PBS and NPR
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Unformatted text preview: - Radio - NPR 200 NPR stations nationwide (WGLT) 700 public broadcasting stations nationwide (WZND)- Limited governmental funding Radio Prospers! Effective advertising medium Radio is local (75% of advertising is local) Radio is fragmented - narrowcasting (niche) Radio is specialized Radio is personal Radio is mobile Contemporary Radio Satellite Radio (not satellite digital radio)- Radio Programming Services Syndicated shows/advertisements Voice-Tracking Satellite Digital Radio - now offering drive-time services High Definition Radio Web Radio - simulcast, bitcasters Mobiltrak Radio Lingo Spots Barter Spots Stop Set Sweet "The Book" Diary Cume - cumulative number of listeners TSL - time spent listening L.I.M. - "less is more" Burn - how sick of a song a listener is POP Score - how much the listener likes the song Terrestrial - radio picked up by car...
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The Golden Age of Radio - - Radio - NPR 200 NPR stations...

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