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February 14, 2008 Radio Fathers of Radio • Oerstead - "electricity has a magnetic field." (1851) • Morse (Sturgeon/Faraday/Henry) - electromagnetic work/telegraph • Hertz - electromagnetic waves (foundation of broadcasting) • Marconi - British Marconi/American Marconi (AM); Long Radio Waves; Broadcasts on specific frequencies • Reginald Fessenden - December 25, 1906 - First Broadcast • Lee DeForest - audion (amplified radio waves) History of Radio • S.S. Republic (1909, New York) - Jack Binns, captain - HERO! Offered to work on Titanic, but turned down • Wireless Ship Act of 1910 - all wireless operator's licensed • Radio Act of 1912 - regulated the industry (U.S. vs. Zenith, 1923) • Radio Act challenged - President Coolidge ordered cessation of government radio regulation by early 1920's - Chaos ensues. us! • Radio Act of 1927 - airwaves belong to the people
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Unformatted text preview: - Licenses granted in "public interest, convenience, and neccesity."- Federal Radio Commission (FRC) established - made sure rules were followed ("trustee") • Trustee Model - Spectrum Scarcity, Influence (POWER!) First Broadcasts • Frank Conrad, 1920 (Westinghouse Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA)- KDKA - opens atop Westinghouse Building, sold radios • Radio became extremely popular Costs of Radio • Transmitting costs money • Talent costs money - $3,000 to start, $2,000 per year • Need to make a profit - broadcast programs for free • Initial Reluctance • First Advertisement (1922) - WEAF in New Jersey- 10-minute spot- Long Island Brownstone Apartments • Early Advertising - polite/restrained- Institutional Sponsorship Networks • RCA - added 24 stations to network (NBC Red)- AT&T sponsored NBC Blue • CBS Network • Mutual (The Lone Ranger)...
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