Introduction to COM 160

Introduction to COM 160 - • News - fact-based- Hard News...

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January 17, 2008 Introduction to COM 160 Basic Model of Communication: Source --> Message --> Channel --> Receiver • Source - Encoder • Receiver - Decoder • Receiver - Interprets the message • Noise causes inaccuracy (decreases in accuracy) - Allows for role-playing • Mass Communication depends on an electronic medium (Inaccuracies) - Feedback is delayed, if even exists • Large and Diverse Audiences - The audience has a limited attention span - Entertained rather than enlightened - Quickly loses interest if subject makes intellectual demands • Culture is learned through communication • The mass media are our cultural storytellers; mass communication is a cultural forum* - Primary Storyteller, significantly shapes culture * Where should the power reside? - With the media audience? With the industry? Basic Business Model (U.S.) - manufacturer produces a product for consumer • Entertainment - primary concern is enjoyment
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Unformatted text preview: • News - fact-based- Hard News - timeliness, conflicts, closeness, unusualness- Investigative - time- Editorials - opinions- Soft News - human interest • Education - teach specific ideas of the world in specific ways • Advertisements- Informational- Hard-Sell- Soft-Sell • Production firms create materials for distribution- Administrative personnel- Creative personnel- On-Staff- Freelance- Guilds • Distribution of produced material to target audience- To exhibitors- Powerful distributors are everything- best place/best exhibitors/best audience • Exhibitors present material to audiences- Trade incentives- Co-op advertising • Vertical Integration - owning the gauntlet -> production -> distribution -> exhibition • What might be some limitations? • What might be some strengths?- Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down- Ethical?- Critical Consequences?...
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Introduction to COM 160 - • News - fact-based- Hard News...

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