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March 6, 2008 Television (Cont.) The FCC • Established by the Federal Communications Act of 1934 • Oversees both radio (antennae) stations and cable/satellite • Broken up into numerous bureaus handling different tasks • International Bureau • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau • Media Bureau • FCC's original purpose. .. • Regulated 623 radio stations and 14 million phones • Handles the enforcement of all FCC policies and regulations • Competition • Public Safety • Homeland Security • Fines • January 4, 1970 - Jerry Garcia, $100 • George Carlin, "Seven Dirty Words" - NONE! • June 1, 1987 - Bob and Tom Show, Double Entendre - $10,000 • Radio Station, plays Prince song - $2,000 • Prince's "Erotic City" • July 19, 2001 - Bubba the Love Sponge, cartoon intimacies. Clear Channel, $715,000 Howard Stern • Shock Jock Extraordinaire • Talked about Paul Reubens famous "incident" and "the closest I came to making love to a black woman was I masturbated to a picture of Aunt Jemima on a pancake box. I
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Unformatted text preview: did it right on her handkerchief." October 1, 1991 Great L.A. Radio - fined $105,000 Infinity Broadcasting - $600,000 Talked about the size of Richard Gere's "member" - $5,000 Bono 2003 Golden Globe Awards Accepting for "Hands that Built America" "Really, really f--king brilliant!" Violated FCC Indecency Nipplegate Infamous Janet Jackson half-time show February 1, 2004 FCC fined 20 CBS/Viacom stations for $27,500 for a total of $550,000 Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 Led to fines being increased from $27,500 to $325,000 per incident act Questions to Ask About the Content of the Story: 1. Does the report tell me the candidate's position on the policy being covered? 2. Am I listening to the campaign's description of a proposal or a journalist's summary of a proposal?...
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