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asa 3 syllabus

asa 3 syllabus - Syllabus Psychosocial Perspectives of...

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Syllabus Psychosocial Perspectives of Asian Americans Asian American Studies 3 TR 12:10-1:30 pm (and Sections) 2205 Haring Dr. Stanley Sue Young Hall 147; (530) 754-6173; email: [email protected] Office Hours: TuTh 10:30-12:00 pm and by appointment Course units: 4 Teaching Assistants (email address, office hours, office, and time of section) Tallie Ben-Daniel <[email protected]>, T1:30-4:30 pm, Hart Hall 3331 Eunice Kang <[email protected]>, T8-11 am, Coffee Cargo (nr. Law School) Kathryn Sweet <[email protected]>, T2:00-3:30 and R3:00-4:30, Hart 3336. Rim Zahra <[email protected]>, T2:00-4:00 and by appt; Hart 3103 Sections A01 Tuesdays 4:10 Rim Zahra A07 Tuesdays 5:10 Kathryn Sweet A05 Tuesdays 5:10 Rim Zahra A03 Wednesdays 4:10 Tallie Ben-Daniel A04 Wednesdays 5:10 Tallie Ben-Daniel A02 Thursday 4:10 Eunice Kang A08 Thursdays 5:10 Kathryn Sweet A06 Thurdays 5:10 Eunice Kang Text: Zane, N. & Kim, B. (Eds.), (2005). Readings in Asian American Psychology . Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt. Date Topic Apr 01 Introduction: Who Are Asian Americans? 03 Stereotypes: Are They Accurate? 08 Stereotypes: Consequences 10 Yamashita Video 15 Family 17 Acculturation/Assimilation 22 Acculturation/Assimilation/Identity 24 Film 29 Sex Roles or Cultural Values? May 01 Midterm Exam 06 Intellectual and Educational Development 08 Intellectual and Educational Development 13 Leadership and the Glass Ceiling 15 Film 1
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20 Utilization of Services 22 Emotional Disturbance/Psychopathology 27 Guest lecturer 29 Treatment and Psychotherapy Jun 03 Videotape of Asian American Students 05 Community Mental Health Issues 07 Final Exam (8:00-10:00 am) Purpose This course is intended to (1) provide knowledge of Asian American personality, identity, and mental health and the cultural and societal influences that shape personality and mental health, (2) analyze psychosocial research pertinent to Asian Americans, and (3) develop critical thinking skills on Asian American issues. This course satisfies the following General Education requirements: Social Science, Diversity.
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asa 3 syllabus - Syllabus Psychosocial Perspectives of...

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