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Andrew Diegel Israel Wasserstein Freshman Comp. 5 March 2008 Incomparable Although the majority of Americans argue that the sport of soccer is not an interesting sport, statistics show that it is actually the most popular sport in the world. Americans claim that soccer is boring for a number of reasons: 1. Soccer is not physical enough, like football. 2. Soccer does not require much talent, but just people running around. 3. In basketball, each side can score over 80 points. In soccer the score might be 2-1, therefore it is boring. 4. Soccer is not part of our American culture. Therefore, if you want to be a true American, you must follow football, not soccer. These are the top four reasons for Americans disliking soccer, and the soccer fans of the United States still wonder why soccer cannot just be accepted as a normal sport, and not just a less physical alternative to football. I will be focusing on the arguments that respond to these allegations throughout the paper. Soccer is just not physical enough, like football. This statement comes from all the football lovers of America. These are the people that grew up watching and playing football, and never even gave soccer a chance. For starters, soccer players run much more than football players. Yes, wide receivers and running backs run every play, but just think about how many breaks they get. They get a break every time a play ends, when they are not on offense, during
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special teams plays, and also after each quarter of the game. Soccer players on the other hand,
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Andrew Diegel - Andrew Diegel Israel Wasserstein Freshman...

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