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Andrew Diegel 3.9.08 Interrogation Report On 3/6/08 at 11:15am, John Drew was interviewed at his residence, 1620 SW College Ave., Topeka, KS, Apartment 3 at the Big Blue Apartments by FBI Special Agents Andrew Diegel and John Smith in connection with the bank robbery of the 1 st National Bank of Topeka. Drew was provided his rights and waived them by signing the Rights and Waiver Form and voluntarily provided the following information: John Drew stated that he is 22 years old, right handed, and does not know anyone that works at the bank. Drew did not remember where he was on March 4 th at the time of the robbery, and stated that he does not own a gun.
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Unformatted text preview: He claimed that he is not employed and has no money to pay his rent. He completely denies being at the bank on March 4 th , because he does not use any bank. When asked by Andrew Diegel about his face being on the video camera at the bank on the day of the robbery, he remained silent. He stated that he drives an old Ford around town, but not around the bank. He also stated that he went to the University of Kansas, and owns a red and blue KU hat. At the end of the interview, Drew stated that he still had nothing to do with the robbery and the agents should stop bothering him. The interview ended at 11:30am....
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