1 r m data immediate to accumulator 0000110w data data

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Unformatted text preview: ------|) CMPS e Compare Byte Word 1010011w (|ODITSZAPC| = |*---*****|) LODS e Load Byte Wd to AL AX STOS e Stor Byte Wd from AL A 1010110w 1010101w data-low disp 01111100 01111110 disp 01110010 disp 01110110 (|ODITSZAPC| = |*---*****|) data if w e 1 data-high disp disp JL JNGE e Jump on Less Not Greater or Equal JLE JNG e Jump on Less or Equal Not Greater 01111010 01110000 disp 01111000 disp 01110101 disp 01111101 disp 01111111 disp 01110011 data-high (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) disp JO e Jump on Overflow disp JNL JGE e Jump on Not Less Greater or Equal JNLE JG e Jump on Not Less or Equal Greater JNB JAE e Jump on Not Below Above or Equal JNBE JA e Jump on Not Below or Equal Above JNP JPO e Jump on Not Par Par Odd 01110111 disp 01111011 disp JNO e Jump on Not Overflow 01110001 disp JNS e Jump on Not Sign 01111001 disp 11100010 disp LOOPZ LOOPE e Loop While Zero Equal 001100dw Immediate to Register Memory 1010111w 11001010 01110100 LOOP e Loop CX Times Reg Memory and Register to Either SCAS e Scan Byte Word Intersegment Adding Immediate to SP JS e Jump on Sign mod reg r m Immediate to Register Memory 1111001z 11001011 data-low JNE JNZ e Jump on Not Equal Not Zero Reg Memory and Register to Either REP e Repeat Intersegment JB JNAE e Jump on Below Not Above or Equal JBE JNA e Jump on Below or Equal Not Above JP JPE e Jump on Parity Parity Even OR e Or (|ODITSZAPC| = |*---**?**|) XOR e Exclusive or 11000010 JE JZ e Jump on Equal Zero TEST e And Function to Flags No Result (|ODITSZAPC| = |*---**?**|) Register Memory and Register 11000011 Within Seg Adding Immed to SP AND e And (|ODITSZAPC| = |*---**?**|) mod 1 0 1 r m RET e Return from CALL (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) 11100001 disp 11100000 disp 11100011 disp (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) LOOPNZ LOOPNE e Loop While Not Zero Equal JCXZ e Jump on CX Zero CONTROL TRANSFER CALL e Call (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) Direct within Segment 11101000 disp-low disp-high Indirect within Segment 11111111 mod 0 1 0 r m Direct Intersegment 10011010 offset-low offset-high seg-low seg-high Indirect Intersegment 11111111 mod 0 1 1 r m (|ODITSZAPC| = |---------|) INT e Interrupt: (|ODITSZAPC| = |--00-----|) Type Specified 11001101 Type 3 11001100 type INTO e Interrupt on Overflow 11001110 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--**-----|) IRET e Interrupt Return 11001111 (|ODITSZAPC| = |*********|) Mnemonic and Description Instruction Code 76543210 Pin Diagram 8086 Registers 76543210 PROCESSOR CONTROL CLC e Clear Carry 11111000 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--------0|) CMC e Complement Carry 11110101 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--------*|) STC e Set Carry 11111001 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--------1|) CLD e Clear Direction 11111100 (|ODITSZAPC| = |-0-------|) STD e Set Direction 11111101 (|ODITSZAPC| = |-1-------|) CLI e Clear Interrupt 11111010 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--0------|) STI e Set Interrupt 11111011 (|ODITSZAPC| = |--1--...
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