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Unformatted text preview: ition Carry = 1 Carry = 0 Zero = 1 Zero = 0 Sign = 1 Sign = 0 Overflow = 1 Overflow = 0 Parity = 1 Parity = 1 Parity = 0 Parity = 0 Aliases JB, JNAE JNB, JAE JE JNE JPE JP JPO JNP Unsigned Comparisons Description Condition Jump if above (>) Carry = 0, Zero = 0 Jump if not below nor equal (not <=) Carry = 0, Zero = 0 Jump if above or equal (>=) Carry = 0 Jump if not below (not <) Carry = 0 Jump if below (<) Carry = 1 Jump if not above nor equal (not >=) Carry = 1 Jump if below or equal (<=) Carry = 1 or Zero = 1 Jump if not above (not >) Carry = 1 or Zero = 1 Jump if equal (=) Zero = 1 Jump if not equal () Zero = 0 Opposite JNC JC JNZ JZ JNS JS JNO JO JNP JPO JP JPE Aliases Opposite JNBE JNA JA JBE JNC, JNB JNAE JNC, JAE JB JC, JNAE JNB JC, JB JAE JNA JNBE JBE JA JZ JNE JNZ JE Signed Comparisons Instruction Description Condition Aliases Opposite JG Jump if greater (>) Sign = Overflow or Zero = 0 JNLE JNG JNLE Jump if not less than nor equal (not <=) Sign = Overflow or Zero = 0 JG JLE JGE Jump if greater than or equal (>=) Sign = Overflow JNL JGE JNL Jump if not less than (not <) Sign = Overflow JGE JL JL Jump if less than (<) Sign Overflow JNGE JNL JNGE Jump if not greater nor equal (not >=) Sign Overflow JL JGE JLE Jump if less than or equal (<=) Sign Overflow or Zero = 1 JNG JNLE JNG Jump if not greater than (not >) Sign Overflow or Zero = 1 JLE JG JE Jump if equal (=) Zero = 1 JZ JNE JNE Jump if not equal () Zero = 0 JNZ JE 8086 Flags Register |ODITSZAPC| Overflow Flag, Direction Flag, Interrupt Flag, Trap Flag, Sign Flag, Zero Flag, Auxilary carry Flag, Parity Flag, Carry Flag Intentionally Blank Assembler Directives ALIGN ASSUME sr:sy(,...) ASSUME NOTHING DB e(,...) DBS e DD e(,...) DDS e DW e(,...) DWS e EXT (sr:)sy(t) LABEL t PROC t ABS BYTE DWORD FAR HIGH LENGTH LOW NEAR OFFSET PTR SEG SHORT SIZE THIS TYPE WORD Align to word boundary Assume segment register name(s) Remove all former assumptions Define Byte(s) Define Byte Storage Define Double Word(s) Define Double Word Storage Define Word(s) Define Word Storage External(s)(t=ABS/BYTE/DWORD/FAR/NEAR/WORD) Label (t=BYTE/DWORD/FAR/NEAR/WORD) Procedure (t=FAR/NEAR, default NEAR) Absolute value of operand Byte type operation Double Word operation IP and CS registers altered High-order 8 bits of 16-bit value Number of basic units Low-order 8 bit of 16-bit value Only IP register need be altered Offset portion of an address Create a variable or label Segment of address One byte for a JMP operation Number of bytes defined by statement Create a variable/label of specified type Number of bytes in the unit defined Word operation...
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This note was uploaded on 03/08/2013 for the course ENCS 332 taught by Professor Khadirawwad during the Spring '13 term at Birzeit University.

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