Akkadian Alphabet3

A specimen tablet from picture to pictogram with the

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Unformatted text preview: let. A specimen Tablet From Picture to Pictogram With the blunt stylus symbols lost their original resemblance to the objects they represented. BC BC 3200 3000 2400 1000 … to Ideogram Pictograms for various objects, like the sun, houses etc, came into use. Next, the same symbols were used as ideograms to represent abstract words related to the original word, like the sun for bright, light, day, a leg for walking etc. … to Ideogram New signs were created by adding graphic elements to an existing sign or combining two signs. Head Head + Stippling = Mouth Mouth + Bread = to eat … to Alphabet Out of this evolved an alphabet. For example, the word for arrow was ti, and this syllable came to represent the sound ti, then the consonant t. One may construct a table of alphabet like: The Cuneiform Script Thus, a sign could be a pictogram, an ideogram or an alphabet. pictogram, In order to clarify, determinatives were used that would precede or follow a group of signs to give a hint to the meaning of the word by marking the broad category of objects or ideas the word belongs to....
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