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I am highlighting in this presentation the

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Unformatted text preview: is another feature. I am highlighting in this presentation the decipherment of the script and also a short description of Hammurabi's code; the former for sheer tenacity of the pioneers and the later as an admiration for a law-giver who need not to have burdened himself with such constraints. Before I hand you over to my presentation I must mention the supposed connection between Sumeria and India, in general and Sumeria and Tamilnadu, in particular. That the connection between ancient Sumeria and the Indian continent exists is accepted. Some even feel that Sumerian language was archaic Tamil. But a theory being floated around and gaining some following is that the Tamils of Sangam age are descendents of Sumerians. Cuneiform of Sumeria In Sumeria, now Iraq, was spoken Sumerian and its its script is the earliest writing of the world by about 3300 BC. Its script, known as Cuneiform, was in use till about 100 AD. During this period, Sumerians produced a rich body of literature consisting of more than 50...
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