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The sumerians also had advanced knowledge of

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Unformatted text preview: . The Sumerians also had advanced knowledge of mathematics, medicine, and astronomy. Sumerians also kept records of much literature including hymns, epic tales, and myths. Sumerians also wrote the first epic poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh, mentioned before, which enabled scholars to learn about many aspects of Sumerian society. Perhaps all these would not have been possible without writing. Thus we have the earliest writing of the world, dated to 3300 BC. This is long, long ago. For us, who are used to engraving on stones, scratching on mud-pots, stylus or brush-and-ink on leaves and ink on paper, to have successfully implemented writing by impressing conical headed pins on clay tablet is most amusing. I wouldn't have believed that it would be possible. It is really not writing, but 'impressing'! I am in good company. For these 'impressions', when noticed in the 16 th century, were not taken to be characters of a script. There are only five basic 'impressions'. Permutation-combination of these five looks weird....
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