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Unformatted text preview: y, but inversely with wavelength High Energy Radiation: Low Energy Radiation: 8 Conversion of to E: E represents the energy of one mole (avagadro's number) of photons of wavelength Exposure of an organic molecule to electromagnetic radiation: Absorption Spectrum: Sample is irradiated with a broad range of wavelengths and the absorptions are recorded 9 The x­axis corresponds to the wavelengths/frequencies of light used to irradiate the sample The y­axis corresponds to the percent transmittance observed Spectra are read top down and a downward spike indicates an energy absorption Energy Absorptions (IR Spectroscopy): Infrared Spectroscopy (IR): Wavelengths within the IR region are given in micrometers [1µm = 10­6 m] Frequencies are given in wavenumbers instead of hertz 1 2 These wavelengths correspond to specific energy values that the molecules can either absorb or transmit Let's Dance!!! Wave Ya Hands in Da Ayyah Wave Em Like Ya Jus Don't Cayyah 3...
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