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In what region of the isopleth is this city located f

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Unformatted text preview: points) Draw a typical ozone isopleths and indicate the three main regions on it. b) (3 points) Describe differences between these regions in terms of NOx and VOC sensitivities. c) (3 points) Explain what emission control strategies are effective in each region and why. d) (3 points) At what locations do you expect to have each of these regions? e) (6 points) For a particular city and time, ozone concentrations (ppb) is found to be related to changes in NOx and VOC emissions (percent) by the following equations: O3(ΔNOx, ΔVOC) = O3(ΔNOx =0, ΔVOC =0)  ­ 0.5 ΔNOx + 0.7 ΔVOC  ­0.03(ΔNOx)2 + 0.01(ΔVOC)2 + 0.02(ΔNOx)(ΔVOC) where O3(ΔNOx, ΔVOC) is ozone conc...
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