Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties: "Protecting the...

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Civil Liberties: “Protecting the Players from the Government” Civil Liberties : def: Those rights that protect citizens against governmental  actions that would interfere with their participation in a democratic political  system. Underlying Principle:      Ours is a government of laws rather than a  government of unfair and arbitrary action. Designed to protect us from having a police state Death penalty, illegal search and seizure, right to have a gun, same-sex  relationships, abortion 4 Characteristics of Civil Liberty Issues 1) Tend to be controversial Interpretation of the Constitution “Majestic Vagueness” 2) Everyone will use the Constitution to justify their position 3) Battles tend to be in Federal Court System with ultimate arbitrator being the  Supreme Court 4) There are thousands of organizations willing and able to provide you with 
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Civil Liberties - Civil Liberties: "Protecting the...

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