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Carlos Ali Lead 353 2/18 Homework 1. The leader of our non-profit is a level three leader. She not only shows leadership  through visible behavior, her ability to organize the non-profits activities and members,  conscious thoughts, her ability to be in tune with the organization’s members, but also  her VABEs. Jane’s values are consistent with what the organization’s members believe  in. She has created a vast network of supporter and political contacts in order to ensure  the organization’s growth.  Jane has created committees to ensure that each board  member and volunteer can direct their abilities to best suit the organization as a whole.  From speaking with the president of the board, we found that Jane has exceeded the  board’s expectations in motivating the board and creating a great environment where the 
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Unformatted text preview: members understand that their successes matter to the growth of the whole organization and the rehabilitation of Binghamton’s neighborhood. 2. Based on Artists for humanity, our organization can try to reach out to a younger generation to get them involved in preservation. This would be easiest by involving the BU and BCC campus’ in internship programs that would serve to increase the efficiency of the organization and tie the younger generation to the community. It is a major goal of the organization to reach out to the younger generations. In this case, the organization would have to reposition itself in order to obtain a younger membership base. This repositioning could include adding more youth programming at an educational level....
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