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Principles of Western Democracy

Principles of Western Democracy - o Self Regarding Acts...

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Principles of Western Democracy Conspiracy Theory o Media Television has become pervasive part of life o Politically television has hurt what is said o Roger Ales (Fox Frontman)—knew that women votes were important Elites Theory only the elite are in power; corrupted; have no impact Pluralists Theory many elites in competition* o Will stay in power as long as it pleases people Study further elitest and pluralist theory Mindset that comes with belief of democracy: Rational Empiricism o Being more open to new ideas o Experience bases ideas o Truth is not absolute, it is relative o Discussion is needed so people and opinions are heard; freedom of press Dogmatisms- not open minded; stubborn o Set of beliefs perceived as absolute truths not open to question Democratic Theory o Rejects dogmatism o Tendency is to be scarred of people who have “absolute truth” Emphasis on individual o John Stuart Mill- concerned about individual freedom; “every time governmental power was increased, personal action decreased.”
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Unformatted text preview: o Self Regarding Acts- effects only person who does it o Other Regarding Acts- effects on other people o Where is it okay to draw the line • The instrumental theory of the state o Not been increase in legislative power but increase in executive power o Prefer small government over large government o Law behind the law: government is being controlled by the governed • Discussion and Consent o Talking • “let justice be done though the heavens may fall” • 4 beliefs necessary for viable democratic system o Political legitimacy (accept authority of government) o Political efficacy (effectiveness): people have to believe that their participation means something o Tolerance- willingness to be tolerant o Rationality People must believe that governmental decisions are being made in rational manner People need to choose leaders in a rational manner...
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Principles of Western Democracy - o Self Regarding Acts...

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