Civil Rights

Civil Rights - Civil Rights Civil Rights - protections...

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Civil Rights Civil Rights - protections granted in the constitution recognizing that all citizens must be treated equally under the laws. o Underlying Principles - no group can receive or claim privileged treatment, nor can any group be discriminated against by another group or majority using the power of the government African Americans o Civil Rights Amendments 13-15 14 - defines citizenship 15 - no state can deny it’s citizens the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude o Two Leaders in end of Eighteenth Century Booker T. Washington - Speech in Atlanta - Atlanta Compromise How should blacks deal with discrimination (Jim Crow)? Wants to “improve the race” - people have to work their way up - education, learn trade, become a part economy - you will gradually be accepted In this sixties - he would have been called an UNCLE TOME His theory was widely accepted at the time - founds Tuskegee Institute WORK YOUR WAY UP First black leader to spend the night in the white house o Roosevelt criticized for it W. E. B. Debois Demand your rights now - you have those rights as an American citizen Change Jim Crow Not very popular in the South o Plessy v. Furgeson Separate but equal o NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Founded by DuBois Moorfield Story - white lawyer from Boston - blacks don’t gain control of this until the 1930 Creates an organization using a term used by white community Curry favor with whites Keeps whites who might be interested feeling comfortable Appears less threatening - sounds kind of paternalistic DuBois is smart enough to realize that if you want real progress you may have to be subtle o WWI Helps civil rights movement
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“Make the world safe for democracy” American blacks join the military - while serving they are treated like equals When they come home, they have to deal with being treated second class NAACP becomes more active
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Civil Rights - Civil Rights Civil Rights - protections...

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