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Political Culture - Political Culture Culture o Dictates...

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Political Culture Culture o Dictates our lives - attitudes and beliefs that help us make sense of the world o Socialization - people acquire their cultural beliefs o Political Culture - beliefs about politics and govt. Political Socialization o Begins when your born, ends when you die. o Your political beliefs often change during your lifetime Margaret Mead o Sociologist - how is culture transmitted? o Post-figurative -beliefs that are handed down from generation to generation (this is what we’ve always believed) o Co-figurative - beliefs you pick up from the people you hang around with Example POST FIGURATIVE o Reconstruction - South is punished for the war o Republican dominated govt. - Southerners were not happy with these people - they reverted to democratic o 1877-1980 - republicans in South LOSE - the solid democratic south o JFK 1960 - Catholic JFK running for president (democrat) o Yeller Daaaaawg Democrat - I would vote for a yeller dawg, before voting for a republican Agents of Socialization o The Media Television - the type of coverage that is given to political campaigns shapes/manipulates the views of the public Reporting in now much more negative Mit Romni - he is longer pro-choice/pro-gay rights (he was when he was governor) - media says he is a flip-flopper - he could have really just changed his mind o Geography Where you live - CITY v. COUNTRY Urban Suburban Rural Affects the way people vote! Where you live in the COUNTRY People from different parts of the country think differently Southerners tend to be more conservative Northwestern more progressive Midwest is different from New England o Religion
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Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue - they have always been involved politically - at least teaching people that they need to vote Religious beliefs affect political beliefs Religious RIGHT - Evangelical Christians - very motivated to be involved politically - see certain issues as violating their religious belief Catholic and Jews often have a higher turn out than protestants Muslims are not becoming very politically active o Gender Women VOTE more often than men - higher turnout Women are more willing to forgive a politician (change of heart) o Ethnicity African Americans, Latinos, or Anglo - this all affects you political beliefs Anglos have a better turn out rate Democratic voters are not as committed Minorities support the Democrats most often (about 97% of African American vote) Latinos are could lean toward Republicans - Catholicism But they are shifting toward the democratic party Illegal immigration o Sexual Preference Gay or straight? Gays have suffered from a lot discrimination
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Political Culture - Political Culture Culture o Dictates...

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