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Texas Constitution - Texas Constitution Texas History o...

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Texas Constitution Texas History o Texas became state in 1845 o Texas became country under Treaty of Velasco o Santa Ana was sent back to Mexico Claimed he was outnumbered It was snowing o Texas has had SEVEN constitution 1876 - this constitution is the one that we still have 1845 - was the best constitution Constitution o We win the sucky prize o State Constitutions Tend to be long, detailed, and negative, they are amended to death! (special protected interest) o Texas - w/amendments it is a BOOK o Characteristics People who write state constitution typically do know anything about constitution so a bunch of crap that doesn’t belong in there shows up Errors Sometimes constitutions are so poorly written they end up being interpreted more strictly than they were meant to There is a lot of grammatical errors - epic sentences - poorly organized Most state constitutions do not have elastic clauses - leads to a lot of amendments Amendment to allow playing bingo for money Said that you could not have a mixed drink in public (could only serve beer, wine) - Annheiser Busch and Baptist church were the biggest opponents to changing this Amended to have lottery, betting on horse races The Texans were written while people were very angry with the govt. - affected the way the wrote it Govt. that is bound by a rigid constitution cannot respond effectively to changing needs and consequently such restrictions guarantee unresponsive and thus irresponsible govt. E. J DAVIS o Last republican governor for 103 years (until 1977) 1870 tx has come out of reconstruction Davis becomes governor - raises taxes so people pay 20% of their income to government Builds some nice govt. buildings
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Uses as financial inducements to get RR into building through TX - they take the money and just built in Kansas His spending bankrupts the govt. - disbands the TX rangers Pulls back law enforcement from the frontier Jailed a member of legislature who wouldn’t vote the way he
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Texas Constitution - Texas Constitution Texas History o...

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