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Psych 340 Dr. Brennan Spring 2012 Book Notes Psychotherapy refers to a set of procedures or techniques used to help individuals or groups alter their maladaptive behavior, develop adaptive behavior or both. The behavior must be considered maladaptive by the individual however. Most Psychotherapies try to change cognitive constructs about ourselves, others, or both. Behavior Therapy refers to learning-conditioning principles which derived from well- controlled laboratory environments. Behavior therapy has a number of advantages. Its been shown to be highly effective in changing and developing specific behaviors under controlled, experimental conditions. It is also economical as it does not require expensive professionals and can be immediately beneficial for controlling unmanageable behavior. Behavior therapy also has a number of problems because it requires sophistication on the part of the therapist, firm environmental control, and a high degree of cooperation and commitment from those even remotely involved in the program. Transferring behavior techniques from the controlled psychological laboratory to the
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