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Special Interest Groups - Lizz Dye 4/9/2008 Special...

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Lizz Dye Balch 5/12/2009 Period 1 Special Interest Groups 1. An organization or individual who attempts to influence legislation and the administrative decisions of government. 2. Public-policy interests that are not recognized or addressed by a group or a particular time. 3. Purposive incentive 4. Material incentive 5. Solidary incentive 6. The bigger the membership, the more powerful the interest group and strong leaders of an interest group. 7. Crossover- Group of individuals who have things in common with other groups, which facilitates compromise. Reinforcing- Groups of individuals that have everything in common with each other, but nothing in common with other groups. 8. Direct techniques means that an interest group activity involves interaction with government officials to further the group’s goals and indirect technique is a strategy employed by interest groups that uses third parties to influence government officials. 9. The use of public relations techniques to create favorable public opinion group toward
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Special Interest Groups - Lizz Dye 4/9/2008 Special...

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