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The Constitution - The Constitution Articles of...

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The Constitution Articles of Confederation o Representative Assembly o Northwest Ordinance of 1787 the single most important piece of legislation in the Confederation period. The Ordinance provided the means by which new states would be created out of the western lands and then admitted into the Union. Governors and judges appointed by Congress would rule a territory until it contained 5,000 free male inhabitants of voting age; then the inhabitants would elect a territorial legislature, which would send a non-voting delegate to Congress. When the population reached 60,000, the legislature would submit a state constitution to Congress and, upon its approval, the state would enter the Union. o Authority but no power Shay’s Rebellion Could not to anything about the revolt Now, federal government must send troops o Annapolis Constitutional Convention Virginia and Maryland agree to split bay and river in half Discuss commercial problems Discuss leadership problems o Constitutional Convention Opens February 1787 and ended in May Constitution that is considered to be the best constitution ever written Used as guide to other nations Success accredited to: Commonality of delegates Willingness to compromise Skipped two toughest issues Charles Beard- look up on internet Congress of Delegates Put first needs of the nation Nationalists Young, by today’s standards Well educated; wealthy All have a political background Common background provides for easier compromise and areas of agreement Areas of Common Agreement Absolutely no point in amending the articles
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Create new government Strong believers in democracy Unlimited debate Give Ben Franklin body guard o Loved his wine o Many illegitimate children Keep Secret of writing new government o Keep issues quite so that enemies and public do not feel insecure about state of country o More likely to debate more issues o Illegal; purpose was to amend articles not write new government o Constitution- Article Two Power of the House Power of the Purse- the laying of taxes Impeachment- to bring charges against If there is no winner in the electoral college, the house picks the president Senate Powers Approval of all treaties and presidential appointments Senate conducts the impeachment trial No winner in electoral college, senator picks VP Area of Common Agreement Scared of democracy Limit the influence of the people (electoral college) Limit influence (senate) Who voted NOT GUILTY on Johnson’s impeachment? (Not Senator grimes from Iowa) Edmund Ross, Kansas A. Preamble – purpose B. Article I – The Three Branches of Gov’t a. 1 – the legislative branch: organization of Congress b. 2 – House of Representatives i. [1] – election provisions and term of members
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The Constitution - The Constitution Articles of...

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