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CMPE 12 Winter 2008 Name:________________ Homework 2: Due January 30 Email:________________ 1) (14 pts) Based on the logic diagram, answer these questions: a) (2) What circuit is this? b) (2) What would be more appropriate labels? (instead of A, B, X, Y) c) (10) Add more logic gates to make this a negative-edge triggered Flip-Flop.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) (10 pts) Fill in the 'q' and 'r' outputs in this timing diagram. (Note that the tringle at the clock input indicates a flip-flop) 3) (16 pts) Perform the following conversions: a) 325 10 to binary b) 111001001 2 to decimal c) 0x4C3 to octal d) 1062 7 to base 13...
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