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ce12_w08_hw4 - a The program is executed b FLAG has been...

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CMPE 12 Winter 2008 Name:________________ Homework 4: Due February 13 Email:________________ .ORIG x3000 START: LD R1, OP LD R2, OS LD R0, FLAG BRp SKIP NOT R2, R2 ADD R2, R2, #1 SKIP: ADD R3, R2, R1 ST R3, RESULT HALT OP: .FILL #32 OS: .FILL x2B FLAG: .FILL #1 RESULT: .FILL x0000 .END 1) (30 pts) What is the data value in address x300C after:
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Unformatted text preview: a) The program is executed b) FLAG has been changed to #-1 and the program is executed c) OS and FLAG have been changed to #-12 and #0 respectively and the program is executed 2) (10 pts) In a concise sentence, explain what this program does....
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