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Types of Political Systems Unitary System of Government- where power is concentrated in the central government and extended branches may or may not have authority o Unitary (dictatorship for example) o If the authority is also with the power, it is not a dictatorship o Ex. Counties in TX have no power, they are run my state government The central government only has authority, but the branches have the power o Weak government o Ex. Has the authority to raise money, but no power to tax (IRS) o Authority to regulate trade among the states but no power to enforce it— Shay’s rebellion o Confederation Power concentrated everywhere- central government and branches o Authority is also equal everywhere o Called federal system o If everyone has power, no one has power 5 th amendment- no citizen should be denied the right of life, liberty and right of property without the due process of the law Democracy o Classic Democracy- Athenian Democracy
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Unformatted text preview: • Democratic Republic o Small group of people who make decisions for the majority • “Government is always government by the few… the key question turns on accountability” o Key point is accountability and being able to hold the people in charge accountable o Can the political elite be held accountable by the masses? Yes- Pluralism No- Elitism *majority of Americans stand here • The occasional person from the masses become part to keep the natives from getting too restless • Masses only have 2 choices: o Revolution o Apathetic The Power Elite- C. Wright Mills • Extra credit o Find name of secretary general of UN and where he is from o Look up how many counties in Texas o Prepare paper no more than 2 paged outlining UN sec general goals of UN short term and long term by the time first exam is given...
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