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ce12_w08_hw7 - h XGDX d ABX i ORAA 0x3C e DEC LabelB j...

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CMPE 12 Winter 2008 Name:________________ Homework 7: Due March 10 Email:________________ 1) (30 pts) For each of these HC-11 instructions, identify the addressing mode used and describe what happens to data during its execution. For full credit, your description should specify how data is retrieved, how this data is changed, and where the manipulated data ends up. a) ADDD #54 f) BLT LoopA b) LSR 0,Y g) CMPA 0,X c) STAA LabelA
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Unformatted text preview: h) XGDX d) ABX i) ORAA 0x3C e) DEC LabelB j) LDD #LabelD 2) (10 pts) What does this program do? What is the final output to the console? #include <v2_18g3.asm> .sect .data var0: .asciz "stressed" length: .byte 8 .sect .text main: ldx #var0 ldaa length nega loopA: ldab 0, X pshb inx inca blt loopA ldx #var0 loopB: pulb stab 0, X inx inca cmpa length blt loopB ldx #var0 jsr OUTSTRING end: bra end...
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