Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The Constitution 1. Treaty of Paris...

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Chapter 2 The Constitution 1. Treaty of Paris of 1783 a. Ended American Revolution b. British allow Americans to become a nation c. Americans gain land out to the Mississippi river i. British give the Americans so much land hoping that the Americans will not be able to govern themselves d. British give the Americans land as a catalyst to spark the Americans to fail in governing themselves land is the catalyst e. Americans did not win the American Revolution the British simply gave up, the war was tearing Britain apart f. British think that within 20 years the Americans will come crawling back on their hands and knees for help g. Only took 3 years, Americans have no idea how to run their government 2. 1786 a. Americans are questioning the wisdom of the revolution b. Confederation- ineffective government i. Government established after American Revolution ii. Central gov’t has authority without power iii. It is an anarchy- authority without power iv. Authority to raise money, but no power to tax v. Authority to print money, but no power to stop the states vi. Northwest Ordinance of 1787 1. One good thing that came out of the confederation gov’t 2. process of how they split up the land 3. Interstate commerce-Trade between states 4. Intrastate commerce- trade within state 5. US has a common market a. Free flow of goods back and forth 6. 1786 a. Shays Rebellion occurs b. Daniel shays led a rebellion of farmers b/c they were all in debt c. Daniel Shays ironically also fought in the American Revolution- now he is rebelling against the Revolution d. National Government had the authority to give the states troops to fight, but they did not have the power- National Government did nothing e. Now in the constitution, if the government needs federal troops then the troops will be sent in Direct result of Shays Rebellion 7. 1786 a. Little Oyster War occurs b. Maryland and Virginia are on the verge of war c. They are fighting over fishing rights and oyster rights d. Annapolis Convention takes place to resolve the conflicts
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i. Results 1. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison agreed that there needs to be a national convention to be held in the Nation’s capital (Philadelphia) to amend the articles a. Want to make the national government stronger 2. They got Virginia and Maryland to split the river in half to settle river rights 8. Philadelphia Convention a. Delegates from 12 states come i. Rhode Island was not there b. Decide to postpone the convention b/c Rhode Island was not there c. May 25, 1787- September 17, 1787: 3 ½ months they are in Philadelphia
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The Constitution 1. Treaty of Paris...

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