Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution

Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution - Colonial...

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Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution 1700-1775 Conquest by the Cradle In 1775, the most populous colonies were Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland. About 90% of people lived in rural areas. A Mingling of the Races Colonial America was a melting pot. Germans were 6% of the total population in 1775. Many Germans settled in Pennsylvania, fleeing religious persecution, economic oppression, and the ravages of war. Scots-Irish were 7% of the population in 1775. They were lawless individuals. By the mid 18 th century, a chain of Scots-Irish settlements lay scattered along the "great wagon road" which hugged the eastern Appalachian foothills from Pennsylvania to Georgia. The Scots-Irish led the armed march of the Paxton Boys in Philadelphia in 1764 , protesting the Quaker oligarchy's lenient policy toward the Indians, and a few years later, spearheaded the Regulator movement in North Carolina, a small but nasty insurrection against eastern domination of the colony's affairs. About 5% of the multicolored colonial population consisted of other European groups- French Huguenots, Welsh, Dutch, Swedes, Jews, Irish, Swiss, and Scots Highlanders. The Structure of Colonial Society By the mid 1700s, the richest 10% of Bostonians and Philadelphians owned 2/3 of the taxable wealth in their cities. By 1750, Boston contained a large number of homeless poor, who were compelled to wear a large red "P" on their clothing. In all the colonies the ranks of the lower classes were further swelled by the continuing stream of indentured servants. The black slaves were the lowest in society.
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Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution - Colonial...

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