7 input the appropriate information in the following

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Unformatted text preview: on screen. • If you do not want to agree, click [No] to exit the installation operation. 7. Input the appropriate information in the following boxes and then click [Next]. User Name ... Input your name. Installkey ... Input the Install Key sticker number on the software package. E-5 8. Perform either of the two following steps to specify the installation drive and folder. • To use the default settings Simply click the [Next] button. • To specify a different folder Click the [Browse…] button. Select the folder you want and then click [Next]. 9. Click the [Next] button to start the installation. E-6 10. When a message appears telling you that installation is complete, click the [Finish] button. • This completes installation. Note • Installing the software will put a “9860Manager+” shortcut icon on your Windows desktop. To uninstall fx-9860G Manager PLUS 1. Display the Windows Control Panel. 2. Click [Add/Remove Program]. 3. On the list of applications that appears, select “fx-9860G Manager PLUS”. 4. Click the [Add/Remove] button. • This will display the program maintenance wizard. 5. Click the [Yes] button. • This completes the uninstall operation. To start up fx-9860G Manager PLUS 1. On your computer’s desktop, click the “9860Manager+” icon. • You could also start up the application by clicking [Start] - [Program] - [CASIO] - [fx-9860G Manager PLUS] - [fx-9860G Manager PLUS]. E-7 2. Screen Configuration The following shows the fx-9860G Manager PLUS screen. Menu Bar Toolbar Emulator Status Bar File Display Area * A pixel resolution setting of 1024 × 768 is recommended for your computer screen. * When you have both the emulator window and Key-Log (or bitmap file) window open on the display, the emulator window always will be displayed on top. E-8 Menu Bar • This section explains the fx-9860G Manager PLUS menu bar. • If a menu command can also be executed by clicking a toolbar button, the applicable toolbar button is also provided. k File Menu File History Menu Toolbar Button Description New Creates a new Key-Log file. Open Opens an existing file. Close Closes the currently open file. Screen Cap Captures the emulator screen. Save Saves the current work file, overwriting the previous (unedited) version. Save As Saves the current work file under a new name. Print Prints the currently displayed bitmap file. Print Preview Displays a preview of the print image. Print Setup Displays the print setup dialog box. (File History) Shows up to four of the last files you worked on. Exit Exits fx-9860G Manager PLUS. E-9 k Edit Menu Menu Toolbar Button Description Undo Undoes the last operation. Redo Redoes the last undone operation. Cut Cuts the currently selected screen area and places it onto the clipboard. Copy Copies the currently selected screen area to the clipboard. Paste Pastes the clipboard contents. Clear Deletes the currently selected area. Select All Selects all Key-Log records. * The Edit menu is disabled during emulator operation. E-10 k View Menu Menu...
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