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Unformatted text preview: Calc Key Submenu Normal Description Selects normal-size calculator keys. Large Selects large-size calculator keys. ×1 Specifies an actual size display. ×2 Specifies a 2X size display. ×3 Specifies a 3X size display. ×4 Calc Screen Specifies a 4X size display. ×5 Tool Bar Specifies a 5X size display. Standard Toggles display of the standard toolbar on and off. Log Toggles display of the log toolbar on and off. Edit Toggles display of the edit toolbar on and off. Bitmap Toggles display of the bitmap toolbar on and off. E-11 k Key-Log Menu Emulator mode Menu Key-Log editor mode Toolbar Button Description Add Adds a new Key-Log record. Delete Deletes the currently displayed Key-Log record. Emulator Enters the emulator mode. Editor Enters the Key-Log editor mode. Auto Play Starts Key-Log auto playback. Step Play Starts Key-Log manual playback. Stop Stops Key-Log playback or recording. Pause Pauses Key-Log playback. Record Starts Key-Log recording. Insert Pause During Key-Log editing, inserts a pause character into Key-Log playback. E-12 k Window Menu Menu Description Tiled Displays all windows in a tiled configuration. Horizontal Displays all windows in a horizontal line. • The Window menu also shows the names of files that you have open. When you have multiple files open, the file name at the top of the list is the one you are currently working with the active file. k Tools Menu Menu Toolbar Button Button Description Screen Receiver Starts up Screen Receiver. Options Displays a dialog box for configuring optional settings. k Help Menu Menu Manual Submenu Description Calculator Displays the fx-9860G Graphic Scientific Calculator User’s Guide. Manager PLUS Displays the fx-9860G Manager PLUS User’s Guide. License Displays the end user license agreement. About Displays version information. E-13 Toolbar • This section explains the fx-9860G Manager PLUS toolbar buttons. • The toolbar buttons correspond to menu bar commands. See the section of this manual that explains the menu bar for details about each button’s function. k Standard Toolbar Editor New Open Save Print Print Cut Copy Paste Undo Redo Screen Receiver Preview Emulator k Record/Playback Toolbar Play Step Stop Pause Record k Key-Log Editor Toolbar 12 3 4 5 1 Add 2 Delete 3 Insert Pause 4 Font ... Specifies the font of input text. 5 Font Size ... Specifies the font size of input text. 6 Key-Log Record ... Selects the Key-Log record to be played back or edited. E-14 6 k Bitmap Toolbar 1 2 3 1 Screen Cap 2 Outer Frame Specifies an outer frame for screen captures. 3 Bitmap Size Specifies the bitmap size. A setting of 1 through 10 can be selected. Status Bar 2 1 3 1 Help text is displayed here. 2 Displays the process currently being performed. 3 Toggles between the insert and overwrite modes. Clicking here while in the Key-Log editor mode toggles between the insert mode and overwrite mode. E-15 3. Emulator Mode and Key-Log Editor Mode fx-9860G Manager PLUS has two modes. You can use either of the following to operations to select the mode you want. •...
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