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Unformatted text preview: py keys or text and paste it into another application 1. Drag the cursor across the keys or text you want to copy. 2. Click to copy the selected keys or text to the clipboard. 3. Open the other application and then paste the contents of the clipboard. E-27 6. Configuring Options Dialog Box Setting • This section explains the settings on the Options dialog box. k LCD Screen Capture Settings 1 2 1 Select this option to add a frame to an LCD screen capture. 2 Specifies the screen size during LCD screen capture. You can select a setting in the range of 1 through 10. k Key-Log Playback 1 2 3 4 1 Select this option to highlight the current key in blue. 2 Select this option to frame the next key in orange. 3 Specifies how much time should be allowed to elapse to resume paused playback. You can set an interval in the range of 10 seconds to 10 minutes in 10-second steps. 4 Specifies the key playback interval during auto play. You can set an interval of 0.1 second, or any interval in the range of 0.5 to 5 seconds, in 0.5-second steps. E-28 7. Other Functions Printing • You can use the following procedure to print LCD screen captures. 1. Click the window of the LCD screen capture that you want to print to select it. 2. Click . This will display the Print dialog box. 3. Click [OK] to start printing. Important! • Each screen image is printed on a separate page. • Images are printed in accordance with width setting of the paper size selected on the Print dialog box. Examples: Portrait Orientation Landscape Orientation • If you are printing a bitmap image that was created using another application and does not fit within the preview area, only the part within the preview area will be visible. Also, only that part will be printed. E-29 k Print Preview • Selecting [Print Preview] on the [File] menu displays the print preview image. 1 23 4 1 Displays the Print dialog box. 2 Enlarges the preview image. 3 Reduces the size of the preview image. 4 Closes the print preview window image. k Print Setup Dialog Box • Selecting [Print Setup] on the [File] menu displays the Print Setup dialog box. E-30 Shortcut Menu • Right-clicking the mouse displays one of the shortcut menus shown below. • During Key-Log Editing • During Bitmap Display of the Calculator Screen A screen zoom operation affects only the screen where you display the shortcut menu. If you have multiple screens on the display, the other screens are not affected by the zoom operation. • When Using the Emulator • On the Emulator Keypad E-31 8. File Types Supported by fx-9860G Manager PLUS • fx-9860G Manager PLUS supports files with the file name extensions described below. Extension Description g1m Emulator or calculator user memory data file (variables, programs, etc.) g1e eActivity file g1a Add-in application g1k fx-9860G Manager PLUS Key-Log file Note • You can use the MEMORY application to import all file types (except g1k) into the emulator. • Files with the extension g1k can be used in Key-Log files. E-32...
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